Varkha Agrawal

Varkha Agrawal, Project Engineer/Manager

Varkha has 10+ years of extensive work experience in providing innovative designs for various water and waste water treatment.  With a Bachelor’s in Civil engineering & a Master’s in Environmental engineering, Varkha is adept at analyzing, modeling, designing complex water & wastewater treatment system and applying advance treatment processes & techniques. She has worked extensively on regulatory compliance with state in obtaining Pilot Exception approvals, Pilot study protocol and subsequently, Pilot Study Reports; Brine discharge permits from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Varkha has served as a Project manager for key projects in different capacities including client relationship management, contract preparation, project planning, budgeting and establishing critical project objectives, deliverables and performance milestones. Varkha has been involved in coordinating with a multi-discipline team of engineers, technicians, contractors to ensure timely completion and performing quality control reviews of contracts, proposals engineering drawings & specifications and other duties as assigned. She is an excellent team player with the ability to function effectively in a variety of roles on an integrated project team.

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