The Alpha Approach

At Alpha Water, we provide turnkey solutions for municipal, industrial, agricultural and oil & gas markets – managing the entire project from concept to commissioning. Our ability to offer an end-to-end service, from design and manufacture to commission and aftersales service provides customers with faster delivery, greater cost- efficiencies, and more effective project management. We are fully equipped with proprietary technologies and service processes to provide ongoing consultation including but not limited to process design & engineering, fabrication, installation & commissioning, training, operation & maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs and other miscellaneous services necessary to customers’ water management needs.


Alpha Water Resources is committed to providing a high-quality experience for the development and installation of turnkey water treatment solutions for customers in industries spanning municipal, oil and gas, industrial and agriculture.

Adequate water sourcing and supply is an increasing challenge in a variety of industries, particularly within oil & gas and agricultural operations.

Chemicals for Water Treatment Systems

Finding the right solution for pre & post treatment of water and filtration technologies requires precise chemistry to maintain water quality and technology functionality.

When creating a new water system to meet your unique needs, be it for a reverse osmosis, geothermal or water supply project, it’s important to map out the multiple phases, costs and requirements of the projects

Ensuring your projects meets stringent federal and state regulations or securing a permit for a project is a critical aspect of any water treatment project

Introducing geothermal water technology systems requires intensive engineering, know-how and sophisticated equipment installation by experts.

Operations often take a toll on the surrounding environment, but new technologies and solutions are helping to reclaim previously unusable water sources.

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